Is this a social trend, why has the visibility increased?


For generations, trans people have been persecuted and discriminated against, with most of society frowning upon those who were brave enough to show who they were. Many people still face this stigma today, but through public discussion, education, and positive media attention, the global trans community has begun to flourish! Trans people have always existed, but more trans people than ever before are coming out each year because they feel safe to do so or that there is more support out there.

In part, the visibility of the trans community is due to Pride Parades and events being held around the world. The biggest Pride to date was undoubtedly WorldPride, held in New York City in 2019, with roughly 4-5 million attendees. Events like these promote visibility as well as acceptance of the LGBT+ community, highlighting the discrimination and oppression faced by the community and providing an outlet for those who are affected by it. It also provides examples and role models for those who are exploring their sexuality or gender identity and provides the public with a level of trans visibility they might not otherwise encounter.

One growing example of an event with a focus on trans identity is International Trans Day of Visibility, held on March 31st every year since 2009. The aim of TDOV is to celebrate trans people around the world and recognise their courage and triumphs, while also raising awareness of the ongoing discrimination trans people face. Other events celebrated worldwide include Transgender Awareness Week, and Transgender Day of Remembrance.